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Dr. Neeta D Kang

Senior Scientist and Head

I received my Bachelors in Science with Honors in Biochemistry from University Malaya in 1992, and Master of Biotechnology from the same university in 1995 in the area of Algal Molecular Systematics. I received my Doctor of Biology in Molecular Evolution and Parasitology from the Centre of Tropical and Mediterranean Biology and Ecology, National Centre for Scientific Research, University of Perpignan (France) in 1998. I was a CNOUS scholarship holder from the French Government. My research experience included work I conducted in labs in Canada and Spain in addition to other labs in France.

I joined as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Science and Technology, The National University of Malaysia from 1999 - 2002. I completed my postdoctoral training in pediatric brain tumor biology at the Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge (USA) from 2003 - 2006. I became a Research Investigator at Division of Pediatric, Children’s Cancer Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Centre (USA) from 2006 - 2007. In 2006, I attended a course on “Neuronal Differentiation and Brain Tumors” at Cold Spring Harbor, New York (USA) and received a stipend award. I joined BCRIC in 2007.


In addition to English, Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) and Tamil, I speak, write and read French and have some basic communication skills in Spanish, Hindi and Punjabi.

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"Teaching" entrepreneurship: The right place at the right time

Meet The Team

Veena Rawat

PhD Program

registration in process

Simranjeet Kaur

PhD Program

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"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."

~ Nelson Mandela ~

Former students

  • Nadesh Goyal (Research Volunteer)

  • Anshula Chaudry (Research Volunteer)

  • Debashish Sahay (JRF - DBT)

  • Raminder Kaur (JRF - DBT)

  • Isha Monga (JRF - DBT)

  • Ajay F Christopher (RA - DBT)

  • Veena Rawat (Project Assistant - DBT)

  • Simranjeet Kaur (Project Assistant - DBT)